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Clinical Breathwork + Nervous System Regulation Certification

Join the invite list for Winter 2023 Breath & Body. Limited seats are available. This fully accredited, self-paced & on-demand certification program is ideal for beginners and advanced breathworkers alike who are interested in exploring breath through the lens of science. Students become expertly trained in evidence-based breathwork for nervous system regulation, and develop a framework for creating unique and powerful breathwork programs that make an impact. Offering actionable knowledge as well as plenty of additional resources to get you started, this program is perfect for coaches, clinicians, caregivers, and self-carers.


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Hi there, I'm Dr. Aubry Alvarez-Bakker. I'm a licensed therapist, coach, researcher, mama, and the instructor for this certification. Like all of us, years of nervous system imprinting kept me frozen in stress response cycles that no longer served me. Becoming trained in evidence-based breathwork changed everything. I'm so honored to walk this path with you.