Breath & Body The Free Trial

Breath & Body: The Free Trial:

This free trial offers you unlimited complimentary access to several lessons, as well as unlimited access to one downloadable freebie (the HRV Tracker & Graphing Template Excel Spreadsheet).

If you join and subscribe to e-mails, you will also receive an exclusive coupon that you can use if you desire to enroll in one of our paid programs. 

We would love for you to join us! While your access will last a lifetime, the ability to sign up for this incredible freebie will only be offered for a limited time. 

This free trial offers a peek into our beloved Breath & Body programs, which are ideal for those who are interested in exploring breath through the lens of science.

In our programs you will learn:

✔️ How to use biodata from the heart to give your clients incredible lasting results 

✔️ How to help clients work through depleting emotions such as fear and frustration within 3-5 minutes 

✔️ How to create a 10-week data-driven resonance breathwork program that will regulate your client's nervous system (using peer-reviewed clinical evidence as our guide)

✔️ How to become featured in major media publications, and how to find corporate consulting clients (a portfolio template, e-mail templates, and video tutorials included!)

✔️ And much more