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Clinical Breathwork + Nervous System Regulation

Join us inside this unique mini course as we dive into the science of breath.

We’ll learn precisely how to use breathwork to soothe & regulate the nervous system. We’ll discover techniques you can start using today. And in two hours or less, we’ll completely transform the way you think about breath.

Ideal for coaches, clinicians, caregivers, and self-carers. Breathworkers of all levels welcome.

Learn to love your nervous system. Join for free today.


Our body speaks to us.

Discover how to read our body's story (and help it write a new one) with the power of breath. Join our free mini course today!

Let's Grow Together

Hi there, I'm Dr. Aubry Alvarez-Bakker. I'm a licensed therapist, coach, researcher, mama, and the teacher of this course. Like all of us, years of nervous system imprinting kept me frozen in stress response cycles that no longer served me. Becoming trained in evidence-based breathwork changed everything. I'm so honored to walk this path with you.