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Let's get nerdy.  


When I first released Breath & Body, it was a different world out there.

Yes, nervous system regulation is a hot topic in the personal development industry right now - but back then, few were even talking about it.

The entire conversation is now shifting closer to the nervous system, and it's wonderful. 

Still, there is so much out there that the industry has not yet caught up on. And it's my personal mission to help push the industry forward to the edge of a new, more emotionally regulated world.

For example, did you know that we can measure our nervous system function? And that there is an important biomarker in our physiology that can help us train our nervous system via a particular form of breathwork? In fact, it has been empirically shown that using this breathwork technique for 3-5 minutes per day can support nervous system rewiring over the course of about 10 weeks. 

In a recent episode of Star Talk, Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson referred to this process - using resonance breathing in combination with biofeedback from our heart - as biohacking. And if I could guess, I would estimate that 5% or fewer of the world's coaches and clinicians are trained in these handful of science-formulated techniques (which have historically been taught in niche clinical spaces, or in professional sports). 

For the last 15 years, I've taught this work as a college professor (at Northwestern University), consulted on it for some of the world's biggest brands (such as the Walt Disney Company and Meta), conducted millions of dollars worth of NIH-funded research, and authored peer-reviewed articles in publications such as the Journal of Neuroscience. I've coached professional athletes and actors, contributed to popular media like Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and the Wall Street Journal, and have even helped write TV shows around it (work for which I won an award at the Emmy's).

This work is, in short, my baby, and sharing these techniques with the next generation of thought leaders is my mission. 

We get very focused in Breath & Body, and become experts in these techniques via 20 hours of self-study and a half-day of live, remote group work.

What Breath & Body teaches you how to do, exactly:

Listen, just because things are starting to sound a little nerdy, doesn't mean this stuff is hard!

It is one of those subjects where you can take as deep or shallow of a dive as you like, and it will transform your skillset either way. 

Doctors thrive here. Coaches thrive here. Parents thrive here. Self-carers thrive here. There's truly a little something for everyone.

At the core of it, our mission within B&B is quite simple: we learn to read the heart's rhythms. We come to understand one key biomarker - the one that gives us insight into our nervous system function - very well. We then learn to use a very specific, research-formulated form of breathwork that is clinically shown to train the human nervous system back to regulation.   

In B&B, we keep things simple. We become experts in one of the most clinically-supported techniques for training the nervous system, and we thoughtfully create a practice that honors the science of biofeedback blended with the art of breathwork. 

P.S. a truly unique bonus worth gushing over:

Graduates often tell me I don't highlight the bonus material of this course enough, so here goes:

I started doing this work 15 years ago, before many of today's social media platforms (e.g., Instagram) ever existed. Social media has therefore never been very central to my business model. 

What do I do instead? I focus my energy on something I do enjoy, and that brings me much more return for my time spent. In the interest of not gatekeeping (and thanking you for reading this far down this page!) here is the bird's eye view of my method: I pitch content to journalists for magazines and other media outlets with readership in the millions. And instead of asking for a fee, I ask they link to a sign up page for my e-mail list. While there's a little more to it than that (for example, I never do cold reach outs!) it is easy and fun to learn how to do your own PR.  

Bringing Your Message to the Media is a beloved bonus that I include in this course, because I know each and every person who enrolls can make the world a better place. This bonus includes a short video that explains my process in detail, and comes with a template pitch e-mail that I personally rinse-and-repeat with (I literally copy-paste and tailor it to my recipient; my personal 'success rate' is about 1 out of every 5 pitches, and as I mentioned - I truly enjoy serving others through writing anyway, so it's a win-win!)

If you're here for all of this, then this space was created for you. 

Join us for 20 hours of self-paced video trainings, plus a single live Graduation Day call* to master the core techniques together, and to graduate with your fully accredited certification as a Clinical Breathwork Facilitator and HRV Biofeedback Practitioner.

At the end of your Graduation Day, we will e-mail your digital certificate, and mail a physical copy of your certificate as well as a physical practitioner's handbook right to your door. You are also welcome to join any of our live calls for up to one year after your enrollment, and can book a 1:1 call to receive individualized support as you build out your personal offerings. 

(*Graduation day calls are offered once every 2 months; you can also graduate any time via an at-home activity option)

Upon enrollment, you will receive instant access to the self-paced trainings upon sign-up. We then send one community e-mail during the first week of every month in to check in, share details on upcoming events, and any other updates. As always, you'll have access to directly e-mailing our team at any time.

Join B&B!
Join B&B! (Payment Plan)

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All the tools you need to build a science-backed breathwork practice you and your clients will love are inside.

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Study in a fully self-paced space. Then, when you're ready, join us for a live call, and graduate with your fully accredited certificate.

Then stick around for a full year (12 months) of group calls and high-touch emotional, intellectual, and career support.

And have access to our growing library of unique educational materials you won't find anywhere else.


Meet your instructor

Hi! I'm Dr. Aubry, and I'm so happy you're here. I'm a therapist, a researcher, an educator, a coach, a special needs caregiver, a surfer, and about a million things more. I believe that nervous system regulation is a form of freedom and empowerment, and my love of body intelligence runs deep.

Over the last 15 years I've co-journeyed with hundreds of clients as they regulated their nervous systems on a quest to build a life they love. I've led millions of dollars worth of original research on human inspiration and the bodymind, and have published this work in peer-reviewed journals like the Journal of Neuroscience and Child Development. I've also contributed to magazines like Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, SHAPE, and Eating Well on topics related to wellness and emotional resilience for all. I've presented my work at conferences like the International Mind, Brain, and Education Society, consulted on public health policy in Washington, D.C., and have even won an award from the Emmy's Foundation for my work as a socio-emotional development children's television show writer and researcher.

And yet my greatest journey thus far has been the personal expansion it took to get here. The self-regulation I've forged has helped me navigate being a first-generation college student, health scares, single motherhood, a long distance blended family that I love, and countless other experiences that required the resources of a well-regulated inner world. If there is one thing I've learned on that journey, it's this: our life only moves at the speed of our nervous system. 

Join B&B!
Join B&B! (Payment Plan)